The History Behind Our Passion

Since 1999, Abram Imports has offered

a versatile collection of rugs from

all over the world!.


At ABRAM IMPORTS, we are inspired by innovative designs. Our goal is to spread beauty through our passion for the art of weaving. We bring beautiful designs to every corner of your house with our fine handmade rugs. It is our passion for the finest quality that make us bring the very best to you.

We offer truly unique and original designs that incorporate fashion, colors, and ideas. We embrace many cultures and traditions which have helped us create some of the finest and most popular hand-knotted pieces. Each of them with our own unique designs and sizes from our weaving centers around the world.


Abram Imports is located in the beautiful city of Thousand Oaks, California. You can find our showroom inside The Oaks mall, right in front of JCPenny. Our store is now open to the general public, as well as those in the design trade. We invite rug enthusiasts to visit and view our impressive inventory.

Abram Imports brings a wide collection of antique, museum-quality rugs, tapestries, and Art pieces. As you choose from some of the finest Persian, European, and Oriental Rugs and tapestries in the world, you can feel confident that we provide the highest standard of quality, and commitment to excellence.

Meet Linoria Agakhani

Marketing Coordinator and Partner of Abram Imports.

Linoria Aghakhani, the Marketing Coordinator and Partner of Abram Imports, never knew her family's love for travel would culminate into a successful business venture one day. With a strong love for art and intricate designs, the family loved bringing home collectibles from all over the world — especially gorgeous handmade rugs for decorating their lovely home.

Fascinated by the craft of making hand-knotted rugs, the family decided to establish Abram Imports (previously known as Lakeview Gallery) and have been in the business since 1999. The idea behind its inception was to offer a wide selection of antique and exclusive handmade rugs to their customers closer to home.

Whenever they traveled to different corners of the world, they made sure to pick out some of the best pieces from local artisans and weavers to have enough inventory to start the business.

In 2017, Linoria joined the business to take it to new heights. As a Marketing Coordinator, she has been managing and promoting their exclusive range of rugs. Every year she loves to represent and promote Abram Imports at various business events and trade shows held in Las Vegas and Fresno, California. She is the one who collaborates with designers and film production managers to organize special events and product launches.

Being a Legal Assistant at prominent law offices in California has imbibed strong ethics in her approach to work. This is prominently reflected in how she and her family run the business. They know the importance of being ethically responsible.

Abram Imports believes in fairly compensating local artisans for their work and empowering them to grow equally. They make sure there is no involvement of child labor in any way. All craftsmen they work with are certified and use the finest materials to weave exquisite high-end rugs.

Building strong client relationships is what Linoria feels is essential to keep the customers happy. Therefore, she and her team ensure every customer who steps into their store gets all the help and attention they need to choose the perfect furnishing for their home.

Understanding the fact that every customer has a different taste in home decor, Linoria handpicks every statement rug that is found in the store personally. Her love for colors and textures helps her in selecting unique and innovative designs for her customers. She is in constant touch with artisans to procure the best pieces from around the globe.

Abram Imports has always been a trustworthy handmade rug business. They have been furnishing living spaces, estates, and even palaces for around 22 years. Their selection of antique rugs like Persian, Indian, Moroccan, Tibetan and Armenian reflect luxury at its best. One can also find fine art pieces and beautiful tapestries at their showrooms at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California.

Abram Imports was founded on the idea that directly importing high quality handmade rugs can be beautiful and functional, too. We're eager to help you make your home a place of comfort and serenity—or a place for fun and excitement.

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