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Antique Handmade China Wool Oversized Rug

Antique Handmade China Wool Oversized Rug

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This is a one-of-a-kind Chinese Rug with an Antique design. It is hand-knotted with great craftsmanship using the highest quality wool. This rug has rich colors like , blue, grey, yellow that give life to the delicate floral design.  The main border is black and the main field is grey. Each corner of the carpet has a unique decoration. The designs include blossoming trees, a vase with a floral arrangement, a floral crown, and butterflies. The color combination is bold but results in an eye-pleasing piece. 

Antique Chinese wool rugs are highly valued for their intricate designs, high quality wool and historical significance. They were traditionally made by skilled artisans in China and were often commissioned by wealthy families or used as decorative pieces in palaces and temples. They can be quite rare and valuable, and are highly sought after by collectors and decorators. The age and condition of the rug, as well as the design and level of craftsmanship, can affect its value.

The rug is made of the following materials: Wool

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